Bora Permaculturar is the way we found to share our permaculture adventures…
About how in the doing together we always learn a bit more and expand our dreams and ambitions for a better world.
Caring of earth,
Caring of people,
and Fair sharing.

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JoãoNabão Lotufo (João Paulo B. Lotufo Jr.)  is PaulaLamela’s husband.  Educator, Biologist and Permaculturist. Currently studying Sociology in Wageningen.
Contact: joaonabao@gmail.com



Paula Caroline dos Reis Oliveira. It is a great pleasure to be part of this permacultural endeavor. As a biologist I am fascinated by the things of nature. As a freshwater ecologist I want to better understand the fundamental processes that drive rivers and lakes. And as a permaculturist I do not conform myself with the “status quo”, wanting a better World for people and environment.
Contact: P.C.dosreisoliveira@uva.nl